Brilliant Features

Here’s a number of ways we have made getting help easy.

Quick response

In a matter of seconds we will have help on the way.

Swift Wallet

With a safe and secure mobile wallet payment solution, you can pay for SwiftAide service.

Vetted pros

We make sure that service providers signed up on Swiftaide are people you can comfortably welcome into your home.

Agent Profile

Link professional service providers to clients for a commission.

Why Swiftaide?

Swiftaide brings convenience to the people who want to live life to the fullest. We connect you to trusted and experienced Aides to handle your everyday to-do’s.

About Us

Swiftaide is a mobile marketplace that matches freelance labor with local demand, allowing clients to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work.In todays fast paced world, we are constantly flitting from task to task, skipping meals, dodging deadlines, stuck in traffic, etc. In short, we are just zipping past life in a perpetually weary sort of a way, trying to catch a breath over the fleeting weekend. But the weekend has its own share of social obligations. To be left alone; to sit down quiet; to drown the noise of the clamoring world in quiet reflection is one's birthright. This dose of sanity and stillness is hard to come by in today's times. Swiftaide ensures you have more time to spend with your children, family or just yourself.

Nick O

“Working with SwiftAide has
been great experience work
wise and meeting people.
The company likes to satisfy
their Aides and their clients.
Its a great place to work,
have fun, and make money”

Nick O.

Alice M

“I finally have expertly
installed shelves and
additional storage in
my tiny apartment, all
thanks to my Aide.”

Alice M.
Law Student

James K

“I’d been agonizing over how
to get my new flat screen
mounted to my wall. In comes
Moses on the same day. He
arrived with all the tools for
the job and was just a super
nice guy.”

James K.
Financial Analyst

Susan N

“Using SwiftAide to have my
house cleaned was a
great choice! Mercy did
wonderful work with a
job that was much bigger
than we anticipated.”

Susan N.
Events Planner

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